Hace muy calor! Today we are mixing concrete, by hand, for the laying of tile around the church. Joel, the foreman, and Luis make it look like children playing in the sandbox but when we try to do it we realize it is hard, heavy and hot work.
The other night we were able to go to a mission church here in Pilon. A mission church is similar like a satellite church in the United States. The church was started by some members of Casa de Dios in another location in Pilon and is pastored by a man and his wife who started here are members at Casa de Dios. We were taken to the service by Manuel who drove our bus through the dark town, narrowly missing people on bicycles and dodging the deep, deep ruts in the road. The congregation, of about 35 were praising God with music and dancing when we arrived. We were greeted at the door by a young boy who completely understands the concept of radical hospitality. We were ushered into a very small room on the side of a house and given the seats of honor near the front. When the praise music stopped the pastor welcomed Pastor Alcebiades and he introduced each of us. After preaching, prayer and more music we were each given a gift made by a member and taken outside to enjoy cafe under the stars.
As I mingled with the congregation and enjoyed the fellowship of these warm, spiritual people I was struck by the depth of trust in the Holy Spirit they exude. Many of the people do not have enough to eat, because they are United Methodists they are often singled out for harassment by the local party members, and yet they eagerly gather to worship God. They use speakers to blast the music and speaking out into the streets and they enter into praise with all of their being. There was a CD playing as we were enjoying each other and the words brought tears to my eyes,
“Greater things are yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city.” I have no doubt that this congregation with the leadership of this humble pastor and his wife can accomplish great things for Christ.

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