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Who is this man called Jesus who promises to be here with us? Perhaps the best place to begin is with Jesus’ own words about himself, but what do they mean? His words can be confusing and challenging. Join us as we discover who Jesus is, and how he is with us today.

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February 3 | I am the Light of the World - John 8:12-19 
All around the world, darkness is often a metaphor for evil, being lost, and uncertainty. Light is a metaphor for hope, direction, certainty. Jesus often used this language in his teaching, even about himself. Join us this week as we discover what light Jesus can bring to the darkness that can be a part of our lives.

February 10 | I am the Good Shepherd - John 10:11-18
Have you ever felt like you were wandering without purpose? Ever gotten off track but were not sure how to find your way again? Come hear how Jesus promised to be a Good Shepherd matters to us today, and how his being here can make a real difference to you.

February 17 | I am the Way - John 14:1-7
Uncertainty about the future makes us all anxious. Life ends with the mystery of death, and we wonder if there is a way beyond it, and if we will have to fact that reality alone. It makes a real difference to know that Jesus is here, and know how to cut through anxiety to find him.

February 24 | I am the Vine - John 15:1-11
If you have ever pruned a grapevine, you know that the vine stem supports all of the branches and fruit. When the summer ends, the branches are cut away and only the stem remains. Join us this week as we discover another way that Jesus is here, and how he enables us to bear much fruit.