Dear Floris Family,

Today I want to give you some information that was shared at our January Finance meeting about 2011. I think you will find it very encouraging.

Let me first thank everyone for your faithful stewardship, which enabled Floris to finish 2011 on a positive financial note. Years ago, when the Church Council approved Phase 2, they reviewed cash flow projection models that reflected deficit spending of $971,000 over a three year period, ending in 2011. Please join me in celebrating that as of December 2011, Floris has experienced only one year of deficit spending, which was this past year, in the amount of $104,000. We were able to absorb the full impact of the indebtedness in our 2011 budget and keep the total deficit to $104,000, which is $867,000 less than initially projected at the time the building project was approved. As the Finance Committee and Church Council recently reviewed 2011 year-end financials, we realized that through your tremendous generosity and the faithful management of the budget by the staff, Floris has been able to continue to live out the God-sized vision of building a facility to welcome our community and sustain our vibrant ministry at the same time.

One of my fears when we undertook the building program was that the financial strain would force us to scale back the ministries and programs you’ve come to depend on during your discipleship journey.

God has truly blessed us.

Every year since the start of our relocation journey, Floris has welcomed more people into the life of our church and done more to bless those in need in the community and world.

As the guy in the commercial used to say, “but that’s not all…” the second part of our celebration has to do with the building indebtedness. You will recall that in November 2011 we shredded the note for the Phase 1 construction and announced our debt was about $11,946,000. This was a significant moment. This month the Finance Committee approved another $300,000 pay down of principle, bringing our debt to $11,646,000. Your year-end contributions to the General and Building Funds made all the difference. All of this information is on the financial overview summary. In 2012, we will continue to be vigilant about our budget stewardship, with a focus on improvements in existing programming, as well as the development of new programs that will help transform lives through the love of Christ.

Parking Shuttles and Volunteers

Continuing this Sunday during the 9:15 and 11 AM services we will have parking shuttles that will take people from the Direct Solutions/XO Communications parking loton Sunrise Valley to Floris. We will continue to offer this option as long as we feel it is needed so that our members and guests will be able to find adequate parking. If you will be on-site for more than one worship service or bring more than one car to church, I am asking you to please consider parking at Direct Solutions/XO Communications and using the shuttle. Your willingness to use off-site parking is a gift of hospitality extended to those who have never been to Floris before and are not aware of this parking option. If you can help out, please consider volunteering for the parking ministryat Floris.

Fellowship Night

The recent “Friday Night Fever” night at Floris, featuring Full Circle and other bands that played a variety of ’70’s music, was a big hit. I received a card from one of our senior citizens who said that she was not too sure about a dance at a church. She came anyway and shared that it was a great night that eventually found her on the dance floor with old and new friends alike. Thanks to everyone whose hard work made this evening such a success.

Walk to Emmaus

Many Floris members have found the Walk to Emmaus a transformational event in their walk with Christ. Emmaus leaders and participants from Floris are meeting this Saturday, January 28, 10-11:30 AM in Room 208. The goal of this meeting is to share ideas on how to enliven Floris’ involvement and participation in the Loudoun Valley Emmaus Community and open the door to those who have not yet enjoyed the Emmaus experience. If you have participated in the past and wish to contribute to this effort, please attend the meeting or contact John Wilson.

This Week in Worship

We continue with our fourth sermon in the series on Forgiveness. This week we will consider forgiveness and marriage. Marriage challenges our ability to forgive more than any relationship. We’ll hear what Paul has to say about how this relates to our forgiveness in Christ. Come hear more this Sunday. Scripture: Colossians 3:12-15.

Here is one additional resource related to forgiveness that I forgot to mention last week: Boundaries by Drs. Cloud and Townsend.

In Christ,

– Tom

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