This month in worship we are considering ways the Bible calls us to live a life that is SIMPLE. Last week I challenged us to look at three months of our calendar – last month, this month and next month – to consider how we might make life more simple or embrace what we have placed there as a unique opportunity for this season of life.

This week I will be talking about Simple Possessions. Most of us have examples where what we own is anything but simple. If you want to gain the freedom that comes with a more simple life, I invite you to clean out some portion of your home: a garage, a closet, a storage area, bedroom, drawer, filing cabinet or basement, and see what it does for you mentally and spiritually.

The Bible tells us that there is a connection between order in our environment and order in our inner life. I am calling this the “Clean-Out Challenge” and invite you to take it. To assist all of us in the task, Floris will provide some special help on Saturday, October 27, 8 AM – 11 AM. Organizations that accept donations of clothing, countertop appliances, books, linens and blankets will be at Floris to collect your gently used items. We will also have a company here that shreds documents and recycles computers (including hard drive meltdown) and small electronics. No excuses, you can get rid of things that are bringing you down! For specific information about what will be accepted, visit Clean-Out Challenge on Floris’ website. And do me one big favor: take before and after photos and send them in to Susan Ward.

Ethics Series
One of the most interesting conversations I have enjoyed recently was the lecture and discussion Dr. Shaun Casey of Wesley Seminary provided Wednesday night on the ethics of war and conflict. On Wednesday, October 17, Dr. Casey will talk about Sanctification and the ways we are transformed into holy people. I hope you will join us next week as Dr. Casey concludes his Christian Ethics course, the first in our Wesley Seminary Speaker Series.

Student Mission Trips
This spring, we have two mission opportunities for college age young adults. Floris is sponsoring a mission trip to Haiti in March and I will be leading a mission trip to Sierra Leone in May. The application deadline for both teams is October 31. For more information such as dates and cost, visit Spring Mission Trips on Floris’ website.

Bridge Campaign
If you did not get a link for a video related to our 2013 Bridge Campaign and would like to receive one, please let me knowand I will make sure one is sent to you. Between spam filters and the email volume many of you manage, our first attempt may not have gotten to you. Many thanks to those of you who opened the email, watched the video and responded.

Date Night
On Sunday, the church helped students from Floris raise $3,900 for the Feed a Child Campaignthrough t-shirt sales and other donations. I want to let you know of another great opportunity to support the work of these students. The students want you to have a Date Night. Our Student Ministry will be hosting, cooking and serving a dinner for couples and/or twosomes on Saturday, October 27 in the Fellowship Hall. Donations will be accepted for the meal and all proceeds of the event will help children and nutrition programs in Sierra Leone. Reservations will be required as space is limited. Seating will be at 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM. For details or reservations, visit Date Night on our website.

This Week in Worship
This week we continue our sermon series Simple: Life Doesn’t Have to be Complicated. We will consider the dynamics of wants and needs and the gift of contentment described in scripture with the sermon “Simple Possessions.” Scripture: Luke 10:38-42.

In Christ,
– Tom

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