Dear Floris Family,

I have been so grateful to hear that the themes of our recent SIMPLE sermon series have resonated with so many of you. Life really is complicated, and whatever we can do to make it more simple and more focused on the people and goals that are truly meaningful seems to be something that people want to consider. This week you will be receiving your annual Estimate of Giving Commitment Card in the mail. The Estimate of Giving Card is also available online.

There are two reasons that I would ask you to fill it out and bring it in this Sunday (or submit it online). The first is that this card is a tool that will enable you to prayerfully discern your giving. As I said Sunday, it is important for Christians to give in ways that are consistent and significant. To consider our giving annually enables us to celebrate what we have been able to allocate to the Kingdom and to consider how to take the next faithful step toward tithing if you are not already there.

This card is also a tool of the Finance Committee of your church as they work to approve a budget that can be supported in 2013. Our desire is to provide vibrant ministry and mission while paying down our debt. The information you provide on these cards is a critical step in the process of discerning Floris’ ministry in the coming year. Thanks for making these cards a tool for your spiritual life and for our life together as a church. By the way, yesterday we discovered that the giving brochure in the mailing received by one of our staff members had a printing error. We think this is an isolated incident because we checked all the brochures provided to staff members as well as a random sample of those mailed and found no additional misprints. If you happen to receive a one of these misprinted giving brochures, please contact Pam Broadus.

Clean-Out Challenge is Saturday
Floris’ Clean-Out Challenge is this Saturday from 9 AM-12 PM. Bring items you’d like to donate to the upper parking lot. Visit Clean-Out Challenge on Floris’ website to find out the details on what you may drop off at the church. This is a great opportunity to simplify and get rid of things you aren’t using.

Trykes for Tykes at Clean-Out Challenge
We are pleased to tell you that Trykes for Tykes will be here Saturday morning receiving donations of your bikes and helmets. All kinds of bikes are needed, both children’s and adult bikes. This is a ministry started by a student at our church, Taylor Culman. He and other volunteers clean and refurbish the bikes. They partner with local elementary and middle schools to identify children to receive them as gifts at Christmas. If you are unable to bring your bikes this Saturday they can pick them up from you. See the Trykes for Tykes flyer for more information.

Costa Rica
Many of you may know that we have a relationship with a church in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Our high school students have been doing work at the church and at the Methodist Center there for the past three summers, joining the effort to finish this church that has been ongoing for the last 10 years. On September 5 there was a major earthquake that did substantial damage to the church.You can imagine how difficult the resulting facility damage was for the pastor and the community.The pastor reached out to us for help because of our relationship. As a result of your generosity with the Christmas Eve offering in 2011, we were able to send $1500 to help repair the church. Pastor Victor was so grateful for the gift Floris made. I always like to let you know the impact your generosity has on the world.

Feed a Child Campaign Update
This weekend is your last opportunity to support our students in the Feed a Child Campaign. Be sure to register for Saturday night’s “Date Night“at Floris. There are two seatings, 5:30 and 7:30 PM and reservations are still available. Also, the students will be at Lucia’s at Fox Mill Shopping Center on Sunday from 12-3 PM. So far the students have raised $13,430 towards their goal of exceeding a $20,000 matching grant. Money raised from these events will feed children in Sierra Leone at the CRC and Mercy Hospital.

This Week in Worship
This week we share the final sermon in our series Simple: Life Doesn’t Have to be Complicated. This week we will talk about “Simple Alignment,” the ways that time, talent and money come together to bless everyone. Please join me for the sermon. Scripture: Psalm 90:1-5, 12.

In Christ,
– Tom

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