For those of you interested in our ESL Ministry, here is a letter from Sean, one of our assistant teachers from the fall session:

Hello there!

My name is Sean and I am a 16 year old sophomore at South Lakes High School which I transferred to this year and really enjoy. I currently take Spanish 3 but am still really working on the basics of the Spanish language. I love helping people through Floris United Methodist Church and their ESL (English as a Second Language) Ministry was another serve opportunity that I became interested in after hearing so many positive things about it. With my mom’s encouragement and support, I began to take part in this serve opportunity this past fall as an assistant teacher.

I enjoyed this ministry tremendously and want people to understand this isn’t just teaching but also about making relationships with the students in your class and your fellow teachers. I had the fortunate opportunity to meet people from several different countries such as El Salvador, Vietnam, and Ethiopia. Since this was a Level 3 class and they had some English skills they were trying to improve upon, they were able to share their traditions with us and as we taught them the English language we were able to teach them a little bit about American traditional holidays. The students’ progress through the ten weeks as we worked with them was inspiring to me as an assistant teacher. Anyone that is willing to put a little time in for these wonderful people should absolutely not hesitate- you will get plenty in return for your efforts. This experience was motivating, fun and a wonderful way to serve God! I am looking forward to going back to assist with ESL for the session in January.

For more information about our ESL Ministry and how you can be involved, go here:

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