As we make the final flight from London to Dulles after an exhausting but incredibly rewarding adventure in Sierra Leone, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for so many things; this team, new cultural experiences, the children of the CRC, the opportunity to meet life-changing people living in Sierra Leone, new friends, new ways of spreading love that break language barriers, new innovations in a country that is rebuilding itselfand also Pepto Bismol and airplane bathrooms that have toilet paperthe list goes on and on.

One of my favorite song lyrics says, “How you love is who you are,” and I don’t think that phrase has ever been more applicable than to the time we spent in Sierra Leone at the CRC with all of the kiddos. From the moment we arrived, I knew that I couldn’t wait to see how everyone would use their own personal gifts to serve God through serving and loving on the kids at the CRC. I also had no idea how much the kids were going to show me about love; for complete strangers, for new friends, for God, for each other. I was constantly humbled by the power of Christ within such young people! I have never learned so much about our “big, bold, powerful God” than from these little people with such huge hearts.

The opportunity we all had to serve in Bo is something I will never, ever stop being grateful for. Sometimes being so far away in the US, it’s difficult to remember that people all across the globe are our neighbors and our brothers and sisters in Christ. Traveling all the way to Sierra Leone and meeting new friends there reminded me that we ALL need love and prayer and hope, and that it’s way easier to find your faith when you remember that we’re all here to be vessels for something that is SO much bigger and greater than any of us can even fathom.

Now, as we sit on our flight with 5 hours remaining (because of a pretty big delay), we are all completely worn out but so filled up with love at the same time. We will be thankful to arrive safely at home, but I know that even in the craziness of today, the kids from the CRC have constantly been in our hearts. And I know that every time we look up at the night sky, we’ll think of those kids all the way across the world in Sierra Leone staring up at the same one, holding in their hearts their own memories of the past and dreams for the future, just like we do.

-Robyn Murray

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