Christmas is almost here. A few years ago we bought into the hype of the “Elf on the Shelf”. Our family named ours Peanut Brittle. I cannot say that I really remember why we named him that, unless it has something to do with the fact that Susan’s grandmother makes Peanut Brittle every year. One of the most exciting things for my children to do each morning is to run down and see where Peanut Brittle is hiding. I’m sure some of you have seen really elaborate positioning of the elf in other homes. In our home, it’s simple: where can we put him that the kids can’t reach him?

There’s beauty in the innocence and excitement of a child. Sure, my kids are wild and full of energy at times, but the excitement that a child has at Christmas is amazing. One of our other traditions is to make a birthday cake for Jesus. One of my children recently asked, “How’s Jesus going to blow out the candles?” What if we carried this same excitement as we head towards Christmas? There’s so much going on in the month of December that we sometimes forget that we are heading towards the birth of Jesus. We should be looking forward to that. What if I begin to run down the stairs each morning in anticipation of the birth of the King?

I encourage you to bring out your inner child this Christmas. Focus on the excitement of the greatest gift ever receivedthe gift of Jesus Christ. You want a different kind of Christmas? Run down the stairs, but instead of looking for an elf, look for a King.

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