As I shared with you in last week’s post, Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday. Some of ushave alreadystarted our Lenten study and others will start soon and look at six decisions that will change our lives. I have thought about how hard it is to be transformed or changed particularly after a certain age. We have our own thoughts and strong wills about how to live in this world. As I have thought about two questions from last Sunday’s sermon”What are you looking for?” and “Where are you abiding?”– I have to add for myself, “Do I really want to be transformed by God?” I have found that I can say “yes” on the outside, but I always have excuses and reasons that hinder me from complete surrender. Above all, I do have as an ultimate life goal to be fully surrendered to God and I pray for His help to press on especially during this Lent. Yes, with God’s help!

This Sunday the Sonrise Singers will lift up, “Beneath the Cross” as an offertory at the 8:00 AM service. “Many Gifts, One Spirit” will be offered as an anthem at the 11:00 AM service by the Sanctuary Choir. Both songs are two of my favorite anthems and the lyrics are like prayers. These may seem to be on a different topic from the sermon series, but they show us that though we all have different callings to live in this world as children of God, we all are called to be a whole– a family in Christ.

May the Lord help us each day to surrender more and more to Him until we are completely surrendered!

Here are the lyrics to “Many Gifts, One Spirit.”

Many gifts, one spirit, many songs, one voice. Many reasons, one promise. Many questions, one choice.

O God, we pray for unity, give guidance from above. In our differences unite us in the circle of Your love.

O God, remind us, we are not alone. Though we move on different pathways, we are walking to your throne.

Help us learn to love each other, show us ways to understand. We are members of one family, growing strong by joining hands.

O God, remind us, we are not alone. Though we move on different pathways, we are walking to Your throne.

Take our many ways of working, blend the colors of each soul into the beauty of a rainbow.

Give us life, Lord, make us whole.

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