My wife and I are both blessed to beteachers and love every minute of it. Mallory is a middle school science teacher in Gainesville. She is able to share her love of youth and science every day. I was given a great opportunity to take my God-given acting talent and ability to work with children and create an elementary drama program in Gainesville. The program has been an amazing success. Students are learning by having fun with plays and other forms of dramatic play. When I heard that Floris was going to do Camp Hutchison I really wanted my program to be a part of the process. I wanted to give these students an opportunity they had never had at school before.

The past few weeks Mallory and I have led the drama class for Camp Hutchison and it has been a blessing for us and the students. They are having a blast. The first week they were able to shed all of their shyness and move around doing various actions without using their voice. They let their creative juices flow during the activity. Each class ended wonderfully with the students smiling and laughing as they exited the room. The second week was even more rewarding. They took their actions and applied them to common stories (3 little pigs, gingerbread man, 3 billy goats gruff) that were retold by drama class leaders. Their acting was filled with humor and joy as they presented them to the class. This week we had costume day where the students were able to wear various costumes and pretend to be somebody else. We heard that it was a lunchroom discussion the week before when it was announced.

We have had a blast working with these students. They have been willing to act silly, let loose, and have fun during the classes. They come in each week excited to see what the next lesson is going to be and with a joy that makes our nice traffic-filled drive from Gainesville during rush hour well worth the time. I am glad that God has given us this opportunity to spend time with and bring joy to such special kids!

-Adam Dove

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