Note: A nine member team from Floris ventured to Haiti from December 1 to December 9. This is the second team to go to Haiti from Floris this year. For the next few days we will be posting stories of their trip on this blog. We invite you to read about their experiences working in the community of La Tremblay.

Today we went to Church, which was held in one of the classrooms. The service was run by the lay people. We sat in the front facing the congregation. Patrick did a great job translating the service for us. We sang Sanctuary as our contribution to the services. Before the service Steve presented the Cup and Plate to Madam Monique, the school principal. After the service Jenifer presented a Love offering from her small group to be used for musical instruments. Actually both offerings came from Jenifer’s small group.

After church we had lunch. Then took a short TAP TAP drive to a park that had 2 interesting features. The first were fresh water springs. The second was Voodoo alters, not quite sure that’s the right term. They were trees with Voodoo dolls nailed to them. One tree included a chicken. I had heard that Voodoo was still practiced here, guess this confirms it. When we arrive at the first tree we saw 3 men, pouring Rum at the base of the tree. Patrick told us they we doing a bad deed, then explained about the Voodoo. That wasn’t quick what I expected. No Witch doctors, just 3 guys in T-shirts and jeans.

The rest of the site consisted of a swimming hole and an area to wash clothes. We took several pictures of the team with fields and mountains as a back drop. We found our way to the shady part of the park and sat for a while and talked.

Back the school. We played Football with the older kids. We had a great time. Karen and Mary would have been proud to see how well I played. I didn’t hurt anyone and I didn’t get hurt.

I had a nice conversation with Genevieve about teen girls. I figured I should get a jump on that since I’ll have a teen girl waiting for me when I get home. Happy Birthday Mary.

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