Editor’s Note: Currently a team of Floris Missioners is in Haiti. We are blessed to bereceiving reports back from them about their trip. As the posts become available, we will post them here.

Submitted by Karen Berlin

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With great enthusiasm, and EARLY morning smiles, Floris Haiti Team 5 met at the Floris church parking lot at 3:30 AM to begin its first leg of travel to reach the ultimate UMVIM destination, YVON Haiti. Opening the airport, (literally, we beat the United Staff by about 30 minutes!) bags were checked, coffee obtained for those who needed it, and we were on board and in the air by 6 AM. With time to stretch our legs, chat, and people watch in Newark, we were back in the air at 9:30 and touching down almost right on time, 2:00 PM. Those returning to Haiti experienced the swell of emotion of returning to a land and people dearly loved, and those coming for the first time were full of eager anticipation to experience God and come to know His people here.

One of the things about returning to a familiar place with the passage of time in between is that change is often noticeable. The contrast of past airport experiences with this arrival was striking. The remodeling work at the airport was completed, customs and baggage claim were orderly and efficient, and afterward, the ride from Port au Prince to Petionville revealed cleaner streets and active and energetic market places. For those returning, not only was it good to be back, but it was encouraging and renewing to immediately encounter positive changes around us.

post 2 pic 1We arrived at the guest house late afternoon, enough time relax on the veranda, play some “Bananagrams” or cool our legs off in the pool before dinner. Sarah, the project coordinator, provided a great orientation for our team, and then we enjoyed a great feast with other teams also staying at the guest house. It was fun to meet others who had traveled from all the US who were just returning from their sites, or who like us, were about to embark on their adventure. It was a great day of traveling and preparation that ended with a devotion led by Ryan Redding in which we learned more about each other, and what we were looking forward to during our time in Haiti. We also gave thanks for the infrastructure and work done on our behalf by UMVIM that makes such trips possible. It was a natural ending to the day to offer prayers of gratitude for a supportive church, family, friends, UMVIM, and mostly our great God who gives us opportunity to give and receive His love in opportunities such as this. It was also easy to say good-night and be in bed by 9:00 to be ready for all that God had in store for us.

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