[Editor’s Note: In early December, a Floris mission team returned from Haiti. Since there was no internet available while on their trip, we will be posting blog posts written during their time in Haitiover the next few days.Read previous posts here.]

It’s our last day in Bercy. As the early morning light begins to shine, we are already upgreeted by the roosters who crowed all night. We grab a cup of coffee and head to the road side to watch the morning activity. It’s market day in Cavillion, the closest town about 3-4 miles away, and the road is busy with people carrying their produce to market. The more “well to do” of the community go by motorcyclesometimes 3-4 people to a bike; others travel by donkey or by foot. There’s lots of activity at the well as families draw water for their morning chores. It’s mostly young girls who are fetching the water. Once the chores are done, the children dress for school. The children all wear uniforms which are required for attendance and are clean and well pressed.

As the morning continues on, it’s time to pack up our camp. The tents come down. The children returnthe teacher didn’t show up so there is no school. They ask for everythingour shoes, clothes, the groundcloth (used for the tent). Responding affirmatively to a request only begets more requests, each request with greater urgency. Such desperation. I can feel a combination of guilt, annoyance and compassiona true tug of war inside of me. We have been warned not to give things away as it only sets up jealousy in the community and sets an expectation for future teams. Giving things away makes me feel better but it creates more problems and doesn’t solve the systemic problem of poverty. In terms of material possessions, we have so much and the Haitians have so little. In terms of spiritual life and a strong sense of community, they have so much in comparison to what we have. Our tap tap comes to bring us to Les Cayes. We say our goodbyes and we carry each one of those children in our hearts. We have been deeply touched and blessed by the community of Bercy.

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