Note: A nine member team from Floris ventured to Haiti from December 1 to December 9. This is the second team to go to Haiti from Floris this year. These are stories of their trip on this blog. We invite you to read about their experiences working in the community of La Tremblay.

We started out the day with a hearty breakfast of eggs, fruit, and toast and then headed to the construction site.

On the construction site we started moving sand while the construction workers worked on the concrete form work. We were also very grateful that the workers offered to allow us to help with the more skilled work such as concrete form work, rebar tying, rebar bending, and cleaning and prepping forms. In a country that values every job it was very nice of them to allow us to participate in this work.

After talking with the construction engineer it was decided that it fit our schedule and their schedule better for us to work a half day and return on Tuesday for a full day of work as concrete pouring would start on Tuesday.

After lunch we headed out to “Second Harvest”. Second Harvest is an organization started 30 years ago by a Midwest farmer that wanted to teach people in Haiti how to farm better and make the most they can out of the resources they have. Some of the items that are done on the second harvest site included:

  1. Fish farms to provide meat for the locals
  2. Using the fish waste from the fish farms to fertilize the farm fields
  3. Massive seeding and planting efforts to grow trees for fruit and reforestation
  4. The use of compost piles to make potting soil
  5. Reuse of water for the fish farm and field irrigation
  6. Schooling for the local neighborhoods around the Second Harvest site
  7. Medical clients on site where doctors from other countries can provide medical serves and surgeries as minimal costs

After our trip to Second harvest we headed back to the school for bucket showers and dinner. We ended the evening with devotion by Bret. Bret stated this was the first time he had ever done a devotion and you would not have known it. A trip like this can take people out of their comfort zone and enable them to share deep meaningful thoughts and prayers with others. I am sure Bret will continue this and who know maybe even lead a small group one day!!

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