Last year I was out late at night doing some Christmas shopping for my family. With three little ones at home if you want to get anything done, you almost always have to do it at night, after they are asleep. When I went out to start my car, the car was dead. I do not know much about fixing cards that is a gift of my father that never got passed down to me. I went back into the store, called my wife, and a stranger came up to me and asked if I needed any help. He happened to be a mechanic. He came out, replaced the battery in my car (on a very cold night) out of the goodness of his heart. He served me. He didn’t ask for anything in return. In fact, he did it without even being asked.

Sunday evening I was having a conversation with an eleventh grade student. She came to me and asked a question “I wanted to have people donate money somewhere to help others this Christmas instead of giving me gifts. Is there a way that I could do that for the CRC?” Of course I said yes and told her how to do that. I was amazed at this 11th grade girls desire to serve someone.

I have been on quite a few mission trips through my vocation and through college. What I will say is that every time I have had the opportunity to serve someone, it has blessed me ten times as much. Each and every time that I get the opportunity to hear someone’s story as I serve, it brings joy to my heart.

The question for you this advent season, is how are you going to serve in a way that brings the good news of the Gospel that we are trying to share to the world. A little thing that you could do for someone might transform their life. Sit down with your family and ask the question “who are we going to serve this Christmas?” Another question might be “How are we going to be blessed this Christmas?”

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