Editor’s Note: As the mission team in New Jersey continues serving, we continue to be blessed from their blog updates. If you have missed their first few posts, read them here.

Submitted byIlene Hafker

Saturday, March 23, 2013:

We had a tasty breakfast at Lacey UMC prepared again by Eric and many other hands, Post3including some from our group. Mike from Lacey UMC joined us today for work. We jumped right back into subflooring and sheetrock when we arrived. Raising the floor was completed today, and the sheetrock around the porch was almost finished. The sheetrock is almost completed, and a small section of subflooring is all that is needed in one of the bedrooms. Taping and mudding will be next. Denise again supplied us with a delicious lunch of chili. Her friend Jules joined in to help as well.

P3Jason and Ilene took on the pocket door challenge. While the written directions came in three languages, we really only needed English, along with clear and understandable drawings and measurements. That’s all we ask. In theory it should have worked, but our door space shrunk. The challenge was almost lost, but in the end we did prevail and decided to just get a shorter door.

At a break in the action (restroom tripno working plumbing) several of us walked down a street where homes were ripped from their foundations. Some were flattened, others were pushed into neighbors’ houses, and some foundations were seen, but no house. There was a hotel still standing, but on the ground level only cinderblocks remained. Seeing this destruction makes you realize how lucky we are not to have P3yaysuffered such a loss. It’s hard to imagine how you would feel. But being here and being able to help rebuild gives you a great sense of accomplishment. God in his ways sent us to the right place to help serve others.

Cait and Sandy tried their hands at pizza making with Eric tonight. Jason & Steve got to do dishes. It was a long and productive day.

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