guitar We are very blessed by Lacey UMC. They have been wonderful hosts and have given us many great meals. Linda Applegate, the pastor, provided us with our own private service this morning, even though she had her own church service to do right after our service. She played a mean guitar and we hope that Tom can aspire to these heights some day. Linda’s husband Bill is the general handyman at the church, Sunday school teacher, mission coordinator, picnic go-to guy, and many other roles that we don’t even know about. Linda and Bill are a wonderful team and the world is a better place because of them. When you think of living in the Light of the Lord, they are not a bad place to start.

roofOn these trips, we have an opportunity to help people who have been given a bad deal. We worked on a woman’s house today who is one of those people. She lost her roof in Hurricane Sandy. She hired two guys to fix her roof for $4,000. They were not roofers. They rebuilt her roof with materials that were not roofing materials. They didn’t know what they were doing and the roof didn’t last long. We went over to her house and tore the old roof off and starting rebuilding using real roofing material. Hurricane Sandy is full of stories of people who have been given a bad deal or who are waiting for help, or a mixture of both. God has shown us that there are many ways to serve and that his love for us is never ending. He hopes to teach us that. Sometimes we listen, sometimes we don’t, but the voice is pretty loud (and clear) when you are on mission trips.

We continue to count our blessings and are amazed at the opportunities we are given, when only we are ready to hear the voice of the Lord working through us.


Sandy Relief Team – John, Steve, Dan, Bill, Donna, Dave, Becca, Emily, Dave, Will and Mike (our local leader, who’s been a great inspiration to us all).

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