This is my second Costa Rica mission trip and I can honestly tell you I have never stopped learning. I have not only made relationships with the people here but I have also furthered my relationship with God and with my own missionaries on this trip. Every day is a little different since there is another church from North Carolina here working at the same church as us. Most of my mornings have been spent preparing for VBS with the kids in the afternoon, but planning and executing are two very different things, and with a language barrier it is a whole lot harder to execute that plan. I can now fully see how challenging teaching can be.

One thing I can say I have loved about this week is the weather. Last year it rained a couple of days but this year it has been sunshine with a nice little breeze and maybe a few dark clouds in the sky but it never rains on us. Sometimes when we do our morning devotions I just stare at the sky and the different scenery and notice the tiny similarities between home and Costa Rica. I have come to realize Costa Rica is beautiful and different just the way God made it. I just might not be able to see it with my eye typically gluedto the screen of my phone. Being here this week has really opened my eyes to the beauty God has surrounded me with. I feel so blessed to be a part of this experience.
– Jacquie Horvath

What an amazing week it has been! To say that it was an entirely new experience for me would be an understatement. My time in Costa Rica has been nothing less than life changing and has shown me new pieces of myself, of others, and of my relationship to God. These experiences have presented themselves in the faces of the grateful Costa Rican children, the unity of the Costa Rican church which my peers and I have attended, and through the grace of the residents who cook at the compound where we stay. I came to realize that I was not being deprived from perks of wealth, but instead liberated from distractions and temptations that came with a wealthy lifestyle, one that many people of Costa Rica will never witness in their lifetime. With these distractions removed, I was able to obtain a stronger and more empowering connection with God, thus, bringing me joy and serenity. I believe that when I arrive back to the U.S., my lifestyle will change positively. I am sure I can say the same for my peers who have been blessed with the same wonderful opportunities as me. I hope I will be able to see all these wonderful faces in Costa Rica next year.
–Henry Curtis

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