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When Things Fall Apart

When our lives seem to fall apart, what do we do? We might especially feel this way when we hear bad news about our physical, mental and spiritual health. Where can we find good news? This sermon series explores Scripture that shows us the healing ministry of Christ. And how it can help us step into a life of wholeness and healing.

April 30 | Body | Matthew 8:14-17
What does physical healing mean in Scripture? What does Jesus offer, and how does that change our lives? This message will explore what it means for Jesus to take our illnesses and bear our diseases. And what real hope we have as we face challenges to physical health.

May 7 | Mind | 1 Peter 5:6-11
What is the role of faith in our journey of wholeness in mental health? What does it mean to throw your anxiety onto Jesus? Along with therapy work and continued self-awareness and exercises, this message explores how we can lean into Jesus for our mental health. We can have a strong foundation in Christ Jesus as the one on whom we depend to help us take steps to grow in our mental and emotional health.

May 14 | Spirit | Matthew 11:28-30
Have you been hurt by religion or disillusioned by spiritual experiences? What does Jesus offer so we might be made whole in our spiritual being? This message explores how Jesus heals our spirits, restores our souls and brings rest to our entire being. It is an invitation to enter a spiritual life that is truly fulfilling and meaningful. It is a call to step into a way of living that offers spiritual healing to the world.

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