Over the years, my mom has taught me many things. Because of her, I know how to do the laundry, how to clean a house, how to shave my legs, how to tell a story and how to write a resume. She taught me how to host a party and how to make friends. She reminded me to always overdress instead of underdress, and I still rely on her to dress me for most occasions. But of all the things that my mom taught me, one always stands out: “It’s the mom’s job to make everything more exciting.” Let me explain

My mom always made sure that no matter what we were doing, from running errands to vacationing in Disney World, that it was the most exciting thing in the world. If something didn’t live up to expectations, it didn’t matter. My mom made sure that any expectations were exceeded purely through her attitude. Stuck in an ice storm during a long car ride? No way! We’re telling stories and playing car games in the warmth of our minivan. Good thing we got that VHS player! The line for Haunted House is over an hour? Who cares! This is a great time to rest up and plan out the rest of the day. What’s been your favorite part of the trip so far? Let’s get some cotton candy while we wait. Got a mountain of laundry? Put on a Lifetime movie and dump it all on the bed. We’ll be done before dinner! And the list goes on.

This quality my mom has to make everything exciting is actually quite difficult to explain on paper. You really have to see her in action. Even as toddlers, she’d have us marching up the stairs for bath as she sang and led the way. She never loses her smile and seems genuinely excited about every task. Waiting in line for a roller coaster, going on a class field trip or even flying to grandma’s house is never as exciting as when it’s with my mother. I didn’t even realize these activities could be boring until I had to do them without her. Life isn’t nearly as exciting without my mom by my side.

And though I don’t always show it, when it matters the most, I steal a page from my mom’s book. When my friends are complaining about a long line or a crowded event, I look at the bright side and try to have others do the same. I’m not nearly as good at this as my mom, but I try because my mom taught me a very valuable lesson: life is exciting. As much as we get caught up in the monotonous tasks of traffic and housework and meetings, there is so much more that the world has to offer. God created this gorgeous world with amazing opportunities and wonderful people for us to explore and experience. So why not get excited?

When the rest of my family feels torn down by stress or anxiety, my mom is the smiling face that builds us back upnot always an easy task. Her ceaseless (and sometimes annoying) excitement is the most consistently positive part of my life. And so, though she doesn’t think we appreciate it, I want to acknowledge my mother’s childlike sense of wonder and thank her for all that she taught me. I’m excited to see what she shows me next!

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