Have you had a chance to look at the gorgeous cherry blossoms in our church parking lot? Looking at the trees makes me smile and be happy. I hope you all have a chance to smile.

We are already at the fifth Sunday in Lent this Sunday. The following Sunday, April 1, will be Palm Sunday. Then, yes, there will be Easter! I can tell you the time has been flying !

The Chamber Choir will lift up an anthem, “Panis Angelicus” at the 11:00 AM service this Sunday. This well-known song has been loved by many people throughout the world. In fact, I used to sing this in Korean quite often when I was in a student choir. We will praise Christ who came to us as our sacrament. Also, The Call to Harmony men’s quartet group, will share, “Savior, Like a Shepherd” as an offertory. What a blessing that we have many musical groups and people to praise and worship in our church. I pray that we all have an experience of God’s presence through the musical worship services on Sundays.

Here is one more invitation to our Lenten Cantata that will be at the Good Friday evening service April 6 at 7:30 PM in the sanctuary. As I have shared with you before, the orchestra and Cantata Choir will lift up the beautiful portrait of grace through this cantata that tells of the last week of Christ’s life on earth. Please invite your friends and neighbors to the worship service. If they are not familiar with churches, please try to introduce them to the church through the Cantata performance. I believe that God will use the music to reveal His amazing grace and indescribable love to His people, especially to those who have been lost. If we don’t invite people, they will miss the opportunity to restore a relationship with their Savior. It will be a great gift to others. I am very excited about it! I can’t wait to see how God will work through it.

Here is a translation of the lyrics for “Panis Angelicus.” May the love of Christ embrace each of us in an immeasurable way.

Bread of the angel host sent down from God above;

Body of Christ our Lord in token of His love:

O Gift most wonderful! Christ as our sacrament: Humble, lowly, all share His sacred feasts.

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