Today we completed painting the home on Martin Street. We were excited that the owner and some family members dropped by to see our progress. Tomorrow we will be installing cabinets and they hope to be back in their home within a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, at Dennis and Robin’s home on Jefferson Street, we continued work on finishing the drywall and getting it ready for primer and paint. This was Dennis’s first time seeing his new home. We were delighted to be able to show him around and pray with them and for them.

Next door, we nearly completed installation of all the drywall. We have also met the couple who will be living in this home and look forward to getting it completely ready for paint, putting them one step closer to being able to move in.

We are having a great time and thankful for the opportunity to represent Floris UMC. We’ll have another update for you tomorrow.

Jim Hardy

The Team

Josh Zeigler and Steve Dripps

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