What does the doorway of contentment look like? I wanna know because I want to run through that doorway as fast as I can. In fact, I want to be first through that doorway because on the other side, I’m told, is what I really need. My problem is: which door is contentment? There are so many doors open before me. Good doors. Things to do, people to serve, studies to attend, help to provide. I am grateful I have the choice. I’m just wondering…can one crave good-doing?

We’re told we need to get out of the Land of Craving. What if God is what I crave? Which is the Kingdom door? In some ways I envy the businessmen. At least they know that profitability to their stakeholders is their bottom line. Full steam ahead, right through the door I am holding open.As a Christian, God is my stakeholder? What is profitable to God?

Funny, at the worship service I attendedyesterdayTom announced matching funds of $15/smoothie purchased right after the service would go to the student fund raiser for our Africa ministries. Surely, serving those in need in Africa is profitable to God. A hoard of people descended upon Tropical Smoothie. I couldn’t even get in the door. The Floris faithful line up for Smoothies at Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Clocktower shopping center

I snapped a photo to share on Facebook and for this blog and then headed to my car. I knew waiting in line would justaggravateme as I thought about all the other things I needed to be doing. On my way out I saw another church member, carrying multiple smoothies and herding her children to the car. “Yeah, we left the service early to get here before the line,” she told me. They had a game to get to.

Me? Ihadn’trushed. In fact, I stayed after. While everyone was heading for the sanctuary doors, Irises, give thanks for simple things

I snapped a picture of the incredible irises in the bouquet on the altar. Tom also told us weshouldtake a moment to look at them to “give thanks for simple things.” I share them here in case you were in a hurry to get your smoothie.

The students hosting the Tropical Smoothie event did look dumb-founded at theresponsefrom the Floris community. Well, what you could see beyond those glasses. I didn’t get close enough to the counter to see the faces of those poor people trying to make smoothies at breakneck speed, but I’m thinking we created our fair share of anxiety for them. Life is good. Share with a friend.

So, where is that door of contentment? Not the one everyone isgoingthrough, but the one meant for me. I think the “life is good” guy has it figured out. He holds just one good possession at a time and he shares it with a good friend. I wonder how many friendly conversations were shared over a smoothie yesterday – or waiting in line. I really hope we left a few community folks scratching their headssayingthose Floris people are really strange. Why are they waiting in that long line? Must be something good.

Friends, take a minute to comment on this blog post:

What kind of smoothie did you get?

What made it worth the wait?

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