When Jesus saw that he (the teacher of the law) had answered wisely, He said to him, “You are not far from the Kingdom of God.” And from then on no one dared ask Him any more questions. Mark 12:33

No more questions.

I’m not sure what I would do in His presence. I just watched aYouTubeclip of Ashley Judd (thank you, Russ Corser, for posting it on your Facebook page) singing I Can Only Imagine. What will that be like? Will we dance? Will we sing? Will we fall on our knees?

I’m afraid that, coming before the One who has the perfect answer to any question I could ask, I would fall silent. Yes, there’d be awe. Yes, I’d worry about sounding stupid. But more than anything, I think I would be mute because I’d have so many questions I wouldn’t know where to begin. And, oh my, what if I was told I was only allotted one?

Today, if we have a question we Google it. AsBarbara said, we head to the internet asthe source of all wisdom. The problem there for me is, there is TOO much information. As soon as I find one thing there are three other things begging me to click on them to get more interestinginformation. Pretty soon, I find myself very far afield, not quite sure where I am, how I got there or how to get back.

The truth is: too much information paralyzes. Or, in the case of impending hurricane, it rivets. In either case, we’re dumb.

I expect Jesus knows this about us because He, the great teacher, summarizes. Instead of, “Why don’t you research that and get back to me,” He kindly offers, “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.”

Now, I can (and do) take those pesky life-application questions to my small group, where no human is the authority so we dare ask them. Somehow when we gather, the Truth is in our midst, and remodeling and renovation of hearts begins. It doesn’t seem paralyzing at all. We’re all rebuilding. But I think God is close to those who have to rebuild. God gets re-built right into our new fabric.

That image of the Family Circus cartoon

keeps coming to mind though: me on the internet, climbing over, around and through, distracted by so much when the straight path would be so easy.

But my children seem to thrive there. Somehow they are able to investigate along the way without losing sight of the goal.

Dare I ask?

~Wendy LeBolt

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