Reverend Miner challenged us to train during this Lenten season, not just to try. We chuckled in agreement when she said… the problem is we can’t run a marathon.

Then I looked to my right on the pew and there was my friend, Tracy, who completed the Disney Marathon this year. “So, 100 miler?” I asked her. I think that’s what will take me to the starting line of Lent this year. We are all running our own race. What is the race I am meant to run? This is the season for dedicating myself to the training.


What is the race you were born to run?

As a health and fitness professional I know a fewthings abouttraining for a race. Let me be honest. It’s easy to start and it’s hard to sustain. The person who really intends to stay the course puts two things in place:

  • Teammates – partners in training (perhaps a small group?)
  • Cheerleaders – people who believe you can do this (family and friends)

Both of these require that we say – OUT LOUD – what our intentions are for Lent. What will we do to draw near to God in this season? Where will we practice God’s presence? What will we set aside to make more room?

Running a marathon is quite an accomplishment. The Greek Phidippidesis credited with the first,running from Marathon to Athens to deliver the message of a battle wonand to warn of the approach ofenemyships. He completed the 26 miles in about 3 hours. Then, he died.

Sounds very Lenten to me.

What race will you run this Lent?

How will you train?

Floris friends, find some teammates and line up some cheerleaders. Let’s cross the finish line together.

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