There’s a church in Fairfax I’ve been tempted to wander into. It’s got a great sign out front that reads: “Perfect People Need Not Apply.” Church signs send a powerful message. Everybody’s got them. I noticed that Floris has their “Join Us for Easter” banner up. I’d come, if I saw that.

But Tom’s words about stink bugs and “no trespassing” yesterday in worship got me wondering whether people who don’t have a church home imagine seeing this sign posted next to the Easter banner.


I’ve met these folks. They’ve had a bad experience with a church, been made to feel unwelcome, or have done things they figure deserve that sign. They don’t see the open door. Don’t know the cleansing pool at the foot of the cross. They don’t come closer than the view from the road. They have their reasons.

It’s too bad, because if they drove on in, they’d see the sign we see when we’re leaving the parking lot.

That’s a great image to take into the rest of our week, yielding to God and to our neighbor.

But as far as the stinkbugs go…my daughter found one enjoying his perch on her toothbrush this morning. That’s going too far.

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