Editor’s Note: This week 24 high school students and five leaders traveled to Reading, Pennsylvania to repair and transform homes and to strengthen and transform their own faith. The following is a blog post from one of the students, Grace Brady.

Who are we serving this week?

We are serving veterans who live in Reading, Pennsylvania. These people helped us by serving in the military, and now we get to help them.

Can you describe your resident?

My resident is a veteran who volunteered for the military at only 18 years old and served in Vietnam.He grew up in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and then moved to Reading, Pennsylvania, where he met his wife. His wife is a super sweet woman who was very happy to see us. He also has a son who we didn’t get to talk to. However, we got to meet hisgrandson who was a shy but sweet kid; he showed my leader an origami tie. The couple is religious, and the man is ina veteran and religious group. They even gave us Bibles.

What is the crew experience like?

Everyone in my crew, besides the leader, has never been to a work camp before, but we all bonded really well and are gettingalong.

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