As the first week of Camp Hutchison winds to an end, I have been reflecting on the best moments of the week. On Monday July 7, camp started at Hutchison Elementary School. Camp Hutchison is a four-week-long summer camp that offers rising first through third grade students a wonderful summer educational experience.

On Monday I stepped in last minute to teach a new enrichment program: character education. The lesson was planned and ready to go; I just hoped that the students would enjoy the activities and have fun. I hoped that my ideas for learning about introducing ourselves, getting to know others and practicing good listeningall in the hopes of making friends during the first week of campwould be entertaining and meaningful to the students. I was nervous as can be and basically “winging it,” hoping for the best.

Halfway through the second lesson of the day, a student yelled across the room with a huge grin, “Thank you for having me!” Wow that hit me. Two hours into camp and a student was so glad to be there, having fun and learning. I replied, “Thank you for being here. I am so glad you’re at camp!” But honestly, I felt so humbled in that moment, so inadequate. I found myself thinking, thank you God for having ME, for inviting us to enter into Your kingdom’s work.

After a week at camp, seeing the students’ smiling faces each day, their excitement for math and reading, how much fun they are having and how they never want camp to end, it is very clear that we are impacting the lives of these children. That student’s grateful comment was a reassurance of Camp Hutchison’s success and God’s presence in our work. I cannot wait to see God’s glory shine in the next three weeks of Camp Hutchison.

– Mary Frances

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