This Sunday iscommunion Sunday. I used to not like communion services when I was a child. At my home church in Seoul, Korea, we always had a baptism as part of the communion service. And there (I am not sure they still do it this way), the baptism is only given after one’s 16th birthday. So, I could not participate in the communion until I was old enough to be baptized. However, here at Floris, communion Sunday soon became my favorite Sunday. Whenever we have communion, two images now come to my mind. The first is the scene in which Jesus served his disciples in the upper room. The second is the image of all of us seated together at the biggest table having a huge banquet in God’s house as one gigantic family in Christ. How amazing and how privileged we are to be one family in Christ, sharing Jesus. Jesus truly welcomes everyone to be a part of His family and He lets us have this awesome experience by sharing Him. I sometimes get overwhelmed by His amazing grace and mercy upon us during communion.

This Sunday at the 11:00 AM service, the Sanctuary choir will lift up a communion anthem, “The Wonder of Grace.” The song invites everyone to the communion. The choir, along with flute and piano accompaniment become one celebratory song to our Lord, to be shared with all. The Sonrise singers will share, “On Holy Ground” at the 8:00 AM service. I pray that we all have an experience of tasting the wonder of His grace through this communion Sunday. Here are the lyrics to “The Wonder of Grace.” May the Lord bind us together as His family!

Come to the table. Come to the Savior, all who hunger and thirst for new life.

Come to the banquet, all who are burdened. Come, rejoice in the bread and wine.

Refrain: Everyone come! God’s feast has begun. This is the time, the place, a season of praise.

The table is spread. The meal is prepared. Come taste the wonder of grace.

Come to the table, for all are welcome, all those who are weary and worn.

Come gather closer, all who are lonely. Come, rejoice in the love of the Lord!

Come and remember the lift He gave. Come to His wounded side.

Run to the Savior’s fond embrace. His arms are open wide!

Come taste the wonder of grace. Come know the wonder of grace.

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