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At the Center

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I have spent the last few days at a conference in Richmond. One of the topics discussed was Understanding the Mission Field of the Church. I had a really powerful moment where I thought about the mission of Floris. One of the things that we talk a lot about at Floris is that we are a church in the center of our community. Years ago I wrote a paper for a class about the history of Floris and what I realized was that Floris has always had a desire to be at the center of the community.

I started thinking about how this actually affects the way that we live our daily lives. As I always pray for our congregation, my hope is that we are a church that lives out the Great Commission: having conversations with everyone that we have the opportunity to meet about the Good News of the Gospel. If we are a people who do this, we will carry that mission of being at the center of our community out into the world.

A few years back I had a friend that moved into our neighborhoodFox Mill. She called me, knowing that I worked at Floris UMC, and said, "Everyone I meet is talking about Floriswhat's going on at that church?" I simply said, "This is a church that desires to be at the center of its community, and we try to live that out".

To be at the center of our community we have to regularly talk about all that God is doing in our midst at Floris. We have incredible people that are joining the church. We are doing exciting things like Camp Hutchison, Student Mission trips, Vacation Bible School and many more things too numerous to mention. How many people have you told about the great things happening at Floris? When was the last time you invited someone to join you in worship, small group or in ministry? Let us, together, continue to be at the center of our community, opening our doors and our hearts to others around us.

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