We confess to you, all-knowing God, what we are. We are not the people we like other people to think we are. We are afraid to admit, even to ourselves, what lies in the depths of our souls.

But we cannot hide our true selves from you. You know us as we are, and yet you love us.

Help us not to shrink from self-knowledge. Teach us to respect ourselves for your sake. Give us the courage to put our trust in your guiding power. Raise us out of the paralysis of guilt into the freedom and energy of a forgiven people.

Through Jesus Christ our redeemer. Amen.

Today at the mid-week communion service we prayed this prayer of confession before taking communion. Confessing that we are un-forgiveable. Then, as if God is reading our minds, He offers us these words of assurance, the very promise of the Gospel:

In the name of Jesus Christ, you are forgiven.

We are forgiveable. God says so.

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