Isn’t it amazing what you find when the snow melts?

Mind you, I haven’t gone looking, but the puppies find everything. It was cute when they dug up sticks, several tennis balls and the long lost frisbee. But when they started finding candy wrappers, tissues, soggy newspaper, mashed aluminum cans and the random pile of poop, it wasn’t quite so funny any more. Sheesh. Where did all this stuff come from? Just a few days ago the yard was pristine, blanketed in beautiful, glistening, white. Not a blemish on it.Now look.

Somehow this speaks to me of the Christian life. And by that, I mean someone who says they’ve been saved, cleansed from their sins, and made new in Christ. Someone like me. I do the best I can to make a good impression, but melt away the snow drifts and there I am in my miserable mess. It’s tempting just to cover that back up so I don’t have to look at it.

But God’s not in the cover up business. He’s not about smoothing over a blemish here and casting aside an indiscretion there. He’s not about white-washing the whole deal and calling it a day. Nope. He insists that we address the mess we’ve made and make it right. Attend to what we’ve been avoiding, make the calls that need making, respond to the requests in our inboxes, sort the papers that have beenpiling up, trash what needs trashing, and recycle what needs recycling. Just dispose of things properly, for crying out loud. Not because we “should” or because we “can” or because someone else does, but because He knows that one day the melting will come. And on that day, we’ll stand before our mess and have some explaining to do.

998994_10151644328552850_1443936315_nI, for one, am glad I know a gracious God who, in His kindness and compassion, shows me what needs a bit of tidying up, what needs some hammering out and what needs a full scale remodeling. Because God knows that Spring is coming. And with it, the thawing, melting, mud, muck and mess. He doesn’t want shame, guilt and embarrassment to cause me to hide my eyes and miss the beauty before in store:variegated crocuses, buttery daffodils, and buds unfurling in their finest greenery.

It is amazing the beauty that emerges from good soil that is well watered and puppy fertilized.

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