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Generous Exercises

Generous Exercises

A hallmark of the Christian life is the desire to excel in what Paul calls, “the grace of giving.” People have so much to offer – their love and kindness, their words and actions – the key of the generous life is to move from the desire to be generous in some way to the act of generosity. In this passage, we find Christians who encouraged everyone by the joy they found in acts of love and service for Christ. Come hear how their joyful testimony still teaches and encourages us today.

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What Does Generosity Look Like?

October 21, 2014

Time. Advice. Contacts. Hugs. My late mother Myrna was generous with all of these things. More than that, she was generous with her spirit. Her friends and our family knew and loved her as someone who always took time to listen or offer encouragement. I frequently tell people that she was my coach long before ...

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