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Floris United Methodist Church

Communications @ Floris

In addition to the website, Floris has other communication tools, specifically, Rev. Tom Berlin's weekly Pastor's eNote, the Sunday bulletin, our Blog, Facebook and Twitter. You can also find information boards on each level of the church with brochures, newsletters, event posters and more.

Rev. Tom Berlin's weekly Pastor's eNote
Each week, a message from Rev. Tom Berlin can be electronically sent to you. It will contain an inspirational message from our senior pastor and information about events and programs happening weekly at Floris.

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The Sunday Bulletin
Each week in the bulletin there are important announcements relating to our faith community. The bulletin is designed to keep church attendees up to date on the many activities at Floris.

Follow our blog. Hear from members of our congregation as well as our Pastors and our staff who's lives have been transformed by serving God.
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