Current Sermon Series


The weeks before Christmas can be full of old routines and ancient traditions. But the first Christmas came in a way that interrupted people’s lives. This December we will talk about the ways God is still coming into the world in the most surprising ways. 

November 26-Caught by Surprise-Micah 5:1-5a
We are not surprised by predictions of trouble in the world. It is easy to complain and worry about the future. Advent begins with a message that catches us by surprise: hope is on the way.

December 3-Surprise Ending-Matthew 1:1-17
Today we are going to hear a text rarely read in church. You will be introduced to people in the Bible that will show you how God’s provision is available when you need it the most. God used each of their stories to bring Jesus into our world.

December 10-Taken By Surprise-Matthew 1:18-22
It is hard to believe that ending will be good when the story is going poorly. The Bible is full of surprise endings. Come hear what is necessary for God to bring hope to our lives as well.

December 17-Jesus, Savior of the World-Christmas Cantata Sunday
Jesus came to earth as the Savior for all the world. Join us as we celebrate the great cultural diversity of our Christian faith by singing of Christmas in different languages.

December 23-In for a Big Surprise-Luke 2
Join us for Christmas Eve services.

December 24-In for a Big Surprise-Luke 2
Join us for Christmas Eve services.