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Be the change

Election years present us with important issues to consider, but they also make us fearful of conversation. If we cannot even agree on what the problems are, much less the solutions, how can we have fruitful, civil dialogue? Be the Change will teach principles of conversation based on the Beatitudes, the teachings of Jesus and the experience of the first disciples, who also had to learn how to talk to each other as they discerned the future together. Through this series, we will learn how to wrestle with important topics while remaining the person Christ calls us to be in the conversation.

August 26 - John 3:1-7
Who’s Better Than You?

Good conversation starts when we are humble enough to listen and modest enough to offer our views in ways that others can hear. Throughout the Bible, God has found ways to help people understand that they have a lot to learn and a lot to offer. Come join the conversation.

September 2 - Matthew 14:22-33
Start With Sadness
There is a lot of anger when people talk about important issues in our country. It can arise quickly in a conversation, and it can be felt in the tone and demeanor of people who hold their convictions deeply. Jesus encourages us to start the conversation in a different place so that we can get to a different outcome.

September 9 - Acts 15:1-12
Stay Low

Members of the early church had to resolve difficult problems and settle disagreements with each other. The key to their success was not just the conclusions they reached but in the way they entered the conversation. Come learn the secrets they discovered.

September 16 - Jonah 3:1-4:1
Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Jesus calls his followers to be peacemakers. In an election year we can find ourselves feeling like we are at war, even with people we love. Come learn how to hold your convictions without holding others hostage or creating a wake that damages your relationships.

September 23 - Matthew 5:21-22
Why Does This Matter?
Jesus tells us to hunger and thirst for righteousness. He calls his followers to care deeply about what is right in the world. At the same time, he challenges our assumptions about what is right. The sometimes confounding way of life Jesus describes is critical if you want to be the change.