Current Sermon Series

Not Alone

The Holy Spirit brings vitality and direction to the Christian life. But many of us have never heard any real teaching about this aspect of God or understand how to live in a relationship with God’s Spirit. During this series, we will learn about the role of the Holy Spirit, how to be led by the Spirit, and how our lives can have greater meaning as a result.

May 20
Not Alone in a Crowd | Acts 2:29-39
Beginning something new often requires a lot of waiting. The story of Pentecost is about a group of believers who were waiting. Waiting for whatever was next. Waiting for a sign. Waiting for someone to tell them how to take the next step. What they got was something bigger and more exciting than they could have ever imagined. Come hear how this group of individuals combined to form an unstoppable movement.

May 27
Not Alone By Yourself | Psalm 51:7-12
The Holy Spirit has the ability to renew the spirit that God placed within each of us. Psalm 51 is an anguished plea to God from a man who made a big mistake in his life and is asking for God’s Spirit to renew his life. Come hear how the Holy Spirit can renew ours as well.

June 3
Telling Others They Are Not Alone | John 7:37-44
The Holy Spirit is as necessary to our spiritual life as water is to our physical life. Jesus promised us that the Spirit is abundantly available to us. Today we learn how to access the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and what happens when we do.