Coming Home

There is nothing quite like going to a Virginia Tech football game. Of course I’m biased but returning

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Heaven Breaking In

A coincidence is defined as, “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection with each

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Embracing Vampires

Speaker: Rev. Barbara Miner Scripture: Matthew 22:15-22, They’re all around us: people who suck the energy out of

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Just Jordan

Last Sunday, a girl named Jordan captured me after church. She told me she hoped I would come

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Fighting Your Full Moon

Speaker: Rev. Tom Berlin Scripture: Matthew 12:33-37, Sometimes the hardest monster to control is ourselves. We gossip at

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The Walking Dead

Speaker: Rev. Tom Berlin Scripture: Mark 10:46-52, I lost track of time! It happens to all of us,

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Floris UMC Update

In response to COVID-19, Floris UMC will close its facility for large gatherings, including worship and small group activities. This is effective March 12, until further notice. The building will remain open for essential staff/employee activities. Live Stream worship will be available Sunday at 9:15 a.m. Life Groups are encouraged to meet online using virtual platforms. For further information, please view Rev. Tom Berlin’s Weekly Message; or contact the church’s Executive Director at 703-793-0026, Ext. 115.