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New Ways to Connect

Relationships are at the heart of our community. Yet, keeping track of everyone’s details can be challenging as we grow.

It’s awkward when you meet someone at church, invite them to lunch, then forget their name on the way to CAVA. What about the stress when you promise to invite a couple to a small group and forget to ask for their number? We all do it, but it can be uncomfortable.

What is InFellowship?

InFellowship is the portal through which you can

  • stay connected
  • join or lead groups
  • view the online directory
  • create/update your profile
  • view your giving history

InFellowship is safe and secure. You control who sees your information because your privacy matters.

Life Group leaders can update class information, take attendance and keep rosters up-to-date during sessions. Afterward, they can review their study so that others can benefit from their experience.

Engage in Our New Chapter

In this time of transition, let’s welcome Pastor Gina and help her become familiar with our congregation.

Create or update your InFellowship profile and opt-in to the online church directory. These first steps will help Pastor Gina learn about our congregation and let you connect with others in the church.

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Get Social with Us

Show us how you engage in our community. Whether at a life group meeting, serve opportunity or just hanging out in the gathering space, we want to see you. Share pictures on Floris UMC’s social media and look for friends doing the same!

Tell Us What You Love

We want to hear from you! Tell everyone what you love about the Floris UMC/Restoration community – the people, the activities, a specific memory or anticipation of what’s to come. Leave a note on our kudoboard today!

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