Story Church

Gather by the Campfire

Stories have the unique ability to allow us to see a glimpse into the lived experiences of others. They help us feel connected to one another and see the very best in humanity. And, when our story connects to God’s story, transformation happens.

This summer, let’s return to the campfire to hear stories of being both LGBTQ+ and Christian. Dr. Laura Holmes will share a first-century understanding of sexuality and how this relates to the Bible’s “clobber passages.” We can begin to reconcile Floris UMC/Restoration’s inclusion of LGBTQ+ people with scripture that condones homosexuality.

Story Church takes place in the Fellowship Hall and includes music and curated sharing. Enjoy light refreshments and opportunities to connect with one another. It’s a family-friendly event in a safe, welcoming environment for all in our community.

For more information or to share your story, contact Megan Dietrick at

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