Story Church

Gather by the Campfire

Stories have the unique ability to allow us to see a glimpse into the lived experiences of others. They help us feel connected to one another and see the very best in humanity. And, when our story connects to God’s story, transformation happens.

Story Church takes place in the Fellowship Hall and includes music and curated sharing. Enjoy light refreshments and opportunities to connect with one another. It’s a family-friendly event in a safe, welcoming environment for all in our community.

For more information or to share your story, contact Megan Dietrick at

Upcoming Events

Our storytellers have worked and studied in advanced science fields and have experienced church settings that shut down their scientific curiosity. Our atmosphere is open, welcoming, and inclusive of all beliefs. We hope that by hearing one another’s stories, we develop empathy and compassion for one another. Conversations will focus on expanding connections and curiosity.

Faith & Science

How do we reconcile faith in God and the Bible with our scientific beliefs?

For centuries, the relationship between science and religion has fluctuated between conflict and hostility to harmony and collaboration. Some church leaders have instilled fear and distrust of the sciences; some have even discouraged questions or curiosity.

We will hear from speakers who have wrestled with these questions:

  • What does faith offer us?
  • What does science offer?
  • How can we live in a world between the two fields?

This Is My Brave

Floris UMC/Restoration partnered with This is My Brave, Inc. (TIMB) to create an impactful and beautiful event.

TIMB is a mental health storytelling organization. They work to end the stigma of mental illness and addiction by sharing stories of hope and recovery. TIMB does this through live stage events where cast members express themselves creatively through personal essays, spoken-word poetry, original song, stand-up comedy and dance. They empower individuals to put names and faces to true stories of recovery from mental illness and addiction. They hope to inspire others to speak openly about their experiences.

When stories are shared, everyone – the storyteller and the audience – feels less alone and more hopeful about the future.

Watch church and community members share their mental health recovery stories through impactful song, dance, and spoken word performances.

Caroline’s Story

Daniel’s Story

Christine’s Story

Cynthia’s Story

Steve’s Story

Christine’s Story

Tim and Shmar’s Story

Amy’s Story

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Jake’s Story

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Mike’s Story

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