A few days prior to leaving on the 8-day trip to Haiti my friend asked me this question, “Are you nervous or excited for your trip?” I paused and a few things crossed my mind:Why should I be nervous? I’ve been on several mission trips before, but this one is different for many reasons:

  • I’ll be spending a week in one of the poorest third world countries known for its crime and danger.
  • There will be no communication for a week with family and friends (I normally don’t go more than 20 minutes without emailing or texting).
  • I’ll be working outside in 95-100 degrees heat for hours.
  • We will be taking bucket showers.
  • I’ll be spending that week with five people I just met a few weeks ago.
  • I do not know a single word of Haitian Creole.

But I responded, “I am more excited than nervous, this is the 6th trip Floris has taken to Haiti. I have five friends that have gone, and they all have wonderful things to say about it and most of the people going on this trip have been before and I have heard terrific things about each of them.”

That conversation stayed with me and as I thought about possible risks and dangers, I weighed them alongside all the positive things I’d heard, such as, the people are so friendly, the children are amazing, it is a beautiful country, the food is great, etc. The thought that has been sticking in my head is simply, “Trust in God.”

Now that we have made it here safely, the sights during the bus ride from the airport to the Methodist Guest House were even crazier than I had thought they would be, I can say “I am truly excited to be here!!”

-Patti Schule

As we draw nearer to Haiti I can feel my heart begin to soar. Any trepidation and anxiety I might have had is replaced with light and love. This is my secondtrip and itfeels so different and yet so familiar. I feel ready to face the people and whatever problems are waiting.

We all bring with us so much love and support from home that I can literally feel the arms of all those people holding us tightly. People tell me to do good work and to give, but I know deep inside that I take so much more than I give just by being here. I take elements of their spirits and joyful exuberance and bury it deep within my soul. It becomes my sustenance for the week and I thrive off it.

Dear God,
We know that You work all things together for our good, so please help us be instruments of Your goodness here in Haiti. Watch over this team and this trip. We give you our eyes, ears, hands and hearts to use as You will. Keep a watchful eye over us and our loved ones during this time. Nan non Jezi a nou priye (In Jesus’ name we pray).

-Bronwyn Berger-Hughes

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