School Partnership

Hutchison Elementary School

For more than fifteen years, Floris UMC has been a partner to Hutchison Elementary School. During that time, the church and school have worked together to serve the students and staff.  Besides the programs listed, we hold donation drives and special events throughout the year.

For more information about any of these programs, contact Donna Porter at

Current Opportunities

Floris UMC provides English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for those in our community who do not consider English their first language.

She Believes in Me (SBIM) provides life skills, emotional support and resources to girls and their families in the Herndon area. Donate toiletry and cleaning supplies today.

Floris UMC’s Help Hungry Kids program provides food for children at Hutchison Elementary School who have little to eat over the weekend.

The Hutchison PALS (Purposefully Active in Loving Service) program seeks to connect willing adults with students who would most benefit from the support.

Virtual Opportunities

Scan your grocery receipts to help Hutchison Elementary School earn cash for books, computers and other essential items. Directly support students in our community!

Future Opportunities

Many students at Hutchison Elementary School do not have books to read over the summer.  Donate new or gently used books to impact the learning of children in our community.

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